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Bill Lascom

Bill is an accomplished artist whose works include a variety of styles and media. His preferred method is oil on canvas fine art paintings and many examples can be seen on this web site and at several gallery exhibitions.

The speciality within his portfolio extends to acrylics and oils on leather. Natural tanned hide is cut and prepared before being ready for carving and tooling. This stage requires great precision over an extended period of time. This tooled piece is then dyed or painted to produce the finished work. (examples can be seen on the site).

His artistic eye and talents were developed whilst serving as a photographer in the Royal Navy. On leaving the Navy, Bill became a widely regarded and published press photographer. He developed his passion for art by modelling Historex figures specialising in the Napoleonic period. He entered his figures in the open International Competition for military figures in Fontainebleau France. He won several awards and trophies and was one of only two people in England to be awarded the Historex cross.

Bill has a selection of original fine art paintings from his portfolio currently on exhibition at various galleries and locations in the UK and in Texas, USA.
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